Cruise C – Turku to Mariehamn

A fairly leisurely cruise around the Archipelago and probably around the North coast of Aland, ending up in the Western Harbour of Mariehamn.

The Aland Islands lie between Finland and Sweden, and are predominantly Swedish-speaking. See and for some of the history and features.

The North coast of the main islands is rocky, with steep cliffs and very little by way of facilities. Our plan is to circumnavigate the whole island group, in an anti-clockwise direction, visiting as many different places as possible, and with some longer days when the next harbour is some distance away.

Very provisionally the route will be to leave Turku after topping up with supplies, heading for a small marina at Verkan.

From there it should be a fairly easy day trip to the first of the Aland islands, probably Sottunga. From there on day three we move on to a small harbour close to the old Russian fort of Bomarsund, destroyed by the British Navy (with help from the French) during the Crimean War. The ruins are a fascinating relic.

From there we move on around the northern coast of Aland, taking two or three days to reach the marina of Karingsund on the West coast.

Next stop after that is Mariehamn, capital of Aland, and last home of the clipper fleet, notably the Flying P line, with an active fleet of clippers still carrying freight between the 2 world wars. The Pommern, one of the last working clippers, is moored just below the Aland Sailing club moorings.

This is a chance to stock up again, and to explore Mariehamn.


Day Leave Arrive Distance sea miles
1 Turku Verkan 20
2 Verkan Sottunga 30
3 Sottunga Bomarsund 25
4 Rest day 0
5 Bomarsund Hamnsund 15
6 Hamnsund Skatan 30
7 Skatan Berghamn/Eckero 20
8 Berghamn Mariehamn 20