Cruise E – Mariehamn to Stockholm

By special request we’ll be crossing the Sea of Aland and taking a leisurely cruise around the Swedish Archipelago.  The details will depend on wind and weather, but expect the route to include some of the outer islands, Nynashamn, Saltsjobaden, Sandhamn, Dalaro, and others.  The detailed itinerary may look like this:

Date Day Leave Arrive Distance sea miles
8-Jul 1 Mariehamn Fejan/Lido 35
9-Jul 2 Fejan/Lido Furusund 15
10-Jul 3 Furusund Siaro 25
11-Jul 4 Siaro Vaxholm
12-Jul 5 Vaxholm Sandhamn 30
13-Jul 6 Sandhamn Dalaro 20
14-Jul 7 Dalaro Nynashamn 20
15-Jul 8 Nynashamn Malma Kvarn 15
16-Jul 9 Malma Kvarn Stockholm 10