2018 – To the Quark and Sweden’s Höga Kusten

September 2017 Update

Plans to sail up to the Quark and back down the Swedish coat are on hold, it looks as though the logistics of organising crew changes in Sweden will make it difficult, so 2018 will probably be a bit like 2017, but with some new ideas.

Original PLANs

For 2018 we’re planning a rather longer trip than we’ve done for a while, so I’m looking for crew early for this trip.  Here’s the current booking situation:

CruiseStart dateEnd dateDaysBerths FreeCrew (plus David)
Cruise A Helsinki -
Cruise B Early Archipelago Cruise10/06/201816/06/201872
Break for Midsummer18/06/201825/06/20187
Cruise D 26/06/201808/07/201832
Cruise E 09/07/201816/07/201832
Cruise F 17/07/201831/07/201842
Cruise G 08/07/201812/07/201842
Cruise H 12/07/201816/07/201842

This will take us on an anti-clockwise voyage around the Bay of Bothnia, travelling from Turku up the Finnish coast to Vaasa, from there across the Quark to Sweden, with some time to admire the cliffs of the Höga Kusten.  Then we travel south down the Swedish coast to Grisslehamn, and from there back to Mariehamn, which takes us almost back to Turku again.  Here are some very approximate distances and dates:

From To Distance sea miles Days Approximate dates
Turku Rauma 80 5 31 May-6 June
Rauma Kristiinankaupunki 100 6 6-13 June
Kristiinankaupunki Vaasa 80 5 13-20 June
Subtotal Finnish side  260   16
Break for Midsummer 20-27 June
Vaasa Umea 80 3 27-31 June
Umea Örnsköldsvik 80 4 1-4 July
Örnsköldsvik Härnösand 80 4 4-8 July
Härnösand Sundsvall 40 4 8-12 July
Sundsvall Hudiksvall 80 4 12-16 July
Hudiksvall Söderhamn 40 4 16-20 July
Söderhamn Gävle 60 3 20-23 July
Gävle Grisslehamn 120 6 23-30 July
Break for a week 30 July-7 August
Subtotal Swedish side  550 29
Grisslehamn Karingsund/Eckero 30 1 8 August

You will understand that this will take some serious planning for crew changes.  It’s not too difficult on the Swedish side, a train service runs close to the coast from Umeå to Gävle and then on to Stockholm, so we can drop off and collect new crew quite easily.  There’s a train service to Vaasa, and busses running down the coast to join up with Rauma and Uusikaupunki, plus a daily ferry from Vaasa to Umeå.

Ideally I’d like to find Swedish crew to do some of the Swedish side, and Finns for the Finnish side, but in practice I’d like to hear from anyone who’s interested, at this stage.  To make changes easier it would be good if people could do two weeks rather than one, but again I can’t be too choosy at this stage.

If you think you might be interested please email me or use the contact form to get in touch.