The Builder – Oscar Schelin

Oscar Schelin owned a boatyard at Kungsör on Lake Malar, a fresh-water lake inland from Stockholm, and still run by his family today as Kungsörs Båtvarv AB with a website full of historical materials.

We’ve been told (but have no way to check) that Mr Schelin was a better boat-builder than he was a businessman, and that the yard wasn’t a great financial success, but that was back in the 1930s and the Great Depression won’t have helped.  What everyone agrees is that he was one of the top two or three builders of boats to the square metre rule, and Korybant certainly bears that out.  In the 30 plus years we’ve owned her we’ve only needed to do two major repairs, to the deck (which inevitably wears thin over time), and to the iron frames, which had rusted very thin.  As far as we know the planking is still original, as are the wooden frames and ribs.