About the Boat


We’ve owned Korybant since 1984.  In that time we’ve found out some of her history, and met some former owners, but there are still some gaps we’d love to fill.  Here’s some background and history.

The Basics

Some basic facts about the boat and us.

Photos, Plans and a Video

Here’s a chance to see lots of photos of the boat, the original plans, and a short video taken in the Netherlands in 1991.

The Thirty Square Metre Class

The class is over 100 years old, and there are still several hundred boats sailing in the Baltic, USA, South America and elsewhere.  Click on the link above for lots more information

The Designer

Knud Reimers was born in 1906 in Denmark, and died in 1987 in Sweden.  He first worked as a yacht designer in the practice of Gustaf Estlander in Stockholm, and took over the practice at the age of 25, when Estlander died suddenly.  Reimers designed a very wide range of different types of sailing and motor boats, but was probably most prolific in the International Square Metre classes, of which Korybant is a prime example.  Click on his name for more information.

The Builder

She was built at Kungsörs Båtvarv on Lake Malar, a large fresh-water lake inland from Stockholm.  The yard is still there, but sadly not building wooden boats any more.  Click on the link above to learn more.

First owners

Her first owner was Erik Lundberg, but by 1943 she was owned by his daughter Ingeborg Hedlund.  We don’t know when Korybant first arrived in the UK, but we do know that she was sailed out of Dublin, Pwllheli and the South Coast before we bought her.  If you know anything at all about her history we’d love to hear from you.

Racing History

The first we know of Korybant’s racing history is some photos after she won the Marblehead Cup in 1942 and 1943.

We’ve done some racing at classic boat events, but these days she’s mostly cruised.  See more details of her racing history by clicking on the link.

Major repairs in our ownership

You can’t own an 80 year old boat without having to do some major repairs every now and again.  We’ve been lucky that we’ve only had two big repairs, replacing the deck, and replacing the original iron frames with stainless.  Again, more details are available by clicking the link.