The Designer, Knud Reimers

Knud Reimers was born in 1906 in Denmark, and died in 1987 in Sweden.  He first worked as a yacht designer in the practice of Gustaf Estlander in Stockholm, and took over the practice at the age of 25, when Estlander died suddenly.  Reimers designed a very wide range of different types of sailing and motor boats, but was probably most prolific in the International Square Metre classes, of which Korybant is a prime example.

Korybant was designed in 1937/38, and built in 1938/39.  Reimers soon realised that she was a very fast boat, and allegedly arranged her sale to an English owner in the early 1950s, to keep her secrets away from his competitors.

Reimers kept working as a designer into the 1980s, and in later years was happy to design GRP versions of some of his classic wooden boats.

He was probably best known as a designer of the Square Metre boats, but he designed a very wide range of racers and cruisers.  There’s a useful list on Wikipedia

Swedish Maritime Museum has a vast archive of material.